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SAP HTML Viewer is a control developed by SAP for use within the SAP GUI. SAP has not developed its own Web Browser. Instead, the SAP HTML Viewer uses the functions exposed by the underlying Web browser on the current frontend.

The graphic below shows the SAP HTML Viewer in an SAP screen:

The screen comes from the example program SAPHTML_EVENTS_DEMO.

Implementation Considerations

The interface of the SAP HTML Viewer is the same for all platforms, but its functions will depend on the underlying HTML browser. Under SAP GUI for Windows , it uses Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 as an external browser. Under SAP GUI for Java, it uses the Ice Browser, which is installed with the GUI.


You can use the SAP HTML Viewer with other controls (for example, buttons and list boxes) on a screen in an SAP transaction. It allows you to display HTML pages, graphics, and pictures in your transactions, either retrieved from the database or generated at runtime.


As well as displaying data, the SAP HTML Viewer can also trigger events in reaction to user input. You can react to these events in your application program (see Registering and Processing Events ). Events are triggered when the user chooses a URL or sends an HTML document. The URL or document data is made available to the ABAP program.

The SAP HTML Viewer also supports navigation in HTML pages and MIME documents from sources outside the current SAP transaction (for example, from a desktop file system or an HTTP server). This is made possible by a close integration of the 4.6 release of SAP GUI with your Internet and Intranet environment.



The SAP HTML Viewer will only work on frontend platforms on which Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 (or higher) is installed.

The SAP GUI installation does not install Microsoft Internet Explorer. You need a SAP GUI installation with Release 4.6 or higher.

Certain features of the SAP HTML Viewer are not available (or behave differently) under SAP GUI for HTML. The following components are affected:

SAP GUI for Java

Certain functions of this control may not work in the SAP GUI for Java environment. Others may work with restrictions. For further details, refer to the documentation provided with the SAP GUI for Java.

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