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Component documentationFinancial Master Data Management


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Starting in SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0, the functions of Master Data Governance for Financials (MDG-F) belong to application component MDG-Financials (CA-MDG-APP-FIN), formerly titled Financial Master Data Management (FIN-MDM). For more information, see SAP Note 1465803.

End of the note.

This component helps you manage your master data (from your various charts of accounts, for example) reliably and uniformly in homogeneous system landscapes that are distributed over several locations. Financial Master Data Management (FIN-MDM) helps you adjust your master data to legal changes quickly and respond flexibly to new requirements (involving the structure or degree of detail in the chart of accounts, for example) and to business transactions such as takeovers of other companies. FIN-MDM also enables you to track the changes that have been made to master data over time.

Implementation Considerations

You have installed the software component FINBASIS 604.

To be able to distribute the master data of the chart of accounts, you also must have installed the software component SAP_APPL 604.

To be able to distribute the master data of the group chart of accounts, you also must have installed the software component SEM-BW 604.

You have made the required settings in Customizing under   Cross-Application Components  Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications  Financial Master Data Management  .


The Business Package for Financial MDM 1.40 is available for master data management in the SAP NetWeaver Portal .


FIN-MDM has the following features:

Approval Process for Master Data Changes

Financial MDM enables you to use a workflow in the system to steer the approval process for changing master data, and document this process for reviewing purposes. The process begins with a request for a change, which can be evaluated and commented by various persons. Once the request has been evaluated, considered and approved, the system executes the changes. The changes then undergo a final check and are either approved or rejected. Change requests document and manage all steps in the approval process.

Versioning of Master Data

The changes are stored in editions. Editions let you display past values of the master data at any time and define future values. Change documents document when master data was changed and by whom the changes were made. You also can display the approval process and review the reasoning behind the changes.

Distribution of Master Data

You can distribute the master data changes from the system in which you centrally made the changes to the transactional systems. You can use enterprise services to distribute new and changed chart of accounts master data. You also can download the master data as files for upload into the transactional systems.

For more information, see SAP Library under   SAP ERP Central Component  Financials  Financial Master Data Management   under Master Data Management.

Data Modeling

The standard delivery contains a data model for changing charts of accounts. You can adjust the data model to suit your master data. For more information, see Configuration.

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