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 Canceled Funds


A fund can be canceled when it has satisfied one of the following sets of criteria:

  • It is an annual appropriation that has had the status “Expired” for five years.

  • It is a multi-year appropriation that has expired at the end of the active phase specified.

  • It is an appropriation that does expire, but whose purpose has been achieved.

Appropriations for such funds are not available for new obligations, adjustments to obligations, or liquidation of obligations. Instead, any funds remaining in them are returned to the Treasury.


The functions described in this documentation form part of preclosing in the Federal Government solution. You can only use them if your agency also uses the Budget Control System ( BCS ) and the new Budgetary Ledger.


This documentation describes the programs provided to handle canceled funds. The programs perform the following tasks:

  • Find open documents for the funds being canceled

  • Cancel balances in accounts receivable or accounts payable

  • In the case of receivables, move any open balances to a fund for miscellaneous receipts

  • In the case of payables, create a future-funded expense

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