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Function documentationReversal of SEPA Direct Debit Pre-Notifications


It is not possible to reverse a document that contains a pre-notified business partner item - you have to reverse the pre-notification first.

Document changes or clearing of pre-notified items (except clearing by the subsequent collection run) are not possible. During the processing of open items, the system does not select pre-notified items.


You can reverse SEPA direct debit pre-notifications either singly or in a mass run. For mass reversal, you can select using the run ID of the pre-notification run, so that you can reverse all pre-notifications that were created in one run.

You can also select open pre-notifications for which the payment run was executed too late, meaning that collection could not take place. To do this, you select all the open pre-notifications with a pre-notified execution date that lies so far in the past that the defined tolerance days are exceeded.

When you reverse a SEPA direct debit pre-notification, the system removes the indicator showing the item is “pre-notified”. The item is available again for document changes, clearing, and pre-notification.

When a pre-notification is reversed, the system deletes any correspondence entries not yet printed.


To reverse individual direct debit pre-notifications, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose   Payments  Payment Run  Reverse Direct Debit Pre-Notification  .

For the mass run, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose   Payments  Payment Run  Mass Reversal of Direct Debit Pre-Notifications  .

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