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Conditions are terms of payment that are negotiated with vendors or customers (surcharges, discounts and cash discounts, for example). In SAPRetail, conditions contain the following data:

  • Purchase prices

  • Sales prices

  • Surcharges and discounts in Purchasing and Sales

  • End-of-period refunds granted by vendors or to customers

Implementation Considerations

This component is mandatory for SAP Retail.


Conditions determine how the system calculates the net price or effective purchase price in purchase orders, or the final price charged to customers in sales orders.


You can maintain conditions as master records at various data retention levels in SAPRetail, for example:

  • Vendor or vendor sub-range (VSR)

  • Article

  • Material group

If a purchase order is created with reference to a contract or an info record, or if it meets certain criteria defined in the condition technique, the system automatically includes the conditions when calculating prices.

For more information on conditions, see

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