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With POS Integration, you can connect Point-of-Sale (POS) systems to SAP ERP and Business Information systems to exchange required master and transactional data. The capabilities and strengths of ERP, POS and Business Information systems are combined to support flawless sales operations. The integration scenarios include the exchange of data in both directions and include the following:

  • Transfer of data from the ERP to the POS system

    • Article and price data: Inventoried and value-only article types in various article categories (single article, generic article) are defined with their attributes

    • Merchandise category data (including hierarchies): Provides a structure of the logical grouping of the articles within the leading ERP system

    • Bonus buy data (with requirements and conditions necessary to determine a specific deal)

    • Promotion data (with special price, start and end promotion dates)

  • Transfer of data from the POS system to the ERP and Business Information system. POS transactions may include all or only selected information from the following list:

    • Sales and returns: Article purchases or returns at the POS

    • Tendering

    • Financial transactions: Those involving monetary flow at the POS without a corresponding movement of goods (for example, cashier withdrawals)

    • Control transactions: Technical information about behavior of the POS (for example, instances of cash drawer opening or closing)

Integration and communication between SAP ERP and SAP POS Systems may be carried out in the following manner:

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