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 Classes and Layouts for Shift Reports

The class and the layout that you assign to the shift report type determine the appearance and content of the shift report.

The following classes and forms are offered in the standard system:


    The PDF-based print form COCF_SR_PDF_LAYOUT is assigned to this standard class. You can display this form using transaction SFP and adjust it to suit your needs by copying and changing it accordingly. You must then assign the new layout to the shift report type in Customizing.

    Separate Customizing is predefined for the standard class. You invoke this via the Customizing function key. Here you define the data that the shift report is to comprise.

    • Cover page

    • List of shift notes

      If you choose this option, the system also adopts shift notes in the shift report. The shift notes then appear in the Shift Notes section of the shift report. In order for the system to be able to find the shift notes for the shift report, a shift note type must be entered in the work center or hierarchy.

      If you create a shift report for a hierarchy and have specified that the shift report is also to contain shift notes, as a basic rule, not only the shift notes for the hierarchy are listed, but also all shift notes for all work centers belonging to this hierarchy. It is irrelevant which shift note type you entered for the work centers involved.

      You can also specify that the shift notes are to be grouped in the shift report. See also: Grouping of Shift Notes in Shift Report .

    • List of confirmations

      If you choose this option, all confirmations are listed in the shift report. In addition, you can use the Smart Select checkbox to specify that the system is to list confirmations in only one shift report with the aid of a smart selection function. See also: Selection of Confirmations

    • List of aggregated quantities

      If you select the List of Aggregated Activities checkbox, the confirmed activities are displayed in the shift report in aggregated form. The system converts all confirmed production activities into the unit you specified in the work center in the Activity Unit field in the Costing view and displays the sum total of the confirmed activities for each activity type. If you have not specified a unit in the work center, the system uses the unit that you specified in the confirmation.

    • List of aggregated production activities

    • List of aggregated goods movements

    • List of maintenance notifications

    • Customer's own tables and texts

      If you select the checkbox, this section is displayed in the shift report. To be able to define customer's own tables and texts, you must previously have implemented the BAdI COCF_BD_SR_PDF_CUSTOMER.

      With the Define Data function key, you access the Change Customer's Own Data: Overview screen . Here you can define the order of the tables or texts to be displayed and specify further details for each object. See also: Inserting Customer's Own Texts and Tables

    • Graphical evaluations

      You can define the following for each of these sections in a separate layout:

    • Whether the section is to be displayed in the shift report

    • The appearance of the layout

    • How many lines are to be displayed per table cell

    • How many lines of a long text are to be displayed. For very long texts, you can determine the number of first and last lines.

  • Class CL_COCF_SR_REP

    The PDF-based print form COCF_SR_REP_LAYOUT is assigned to this standard class. If you use this class with this PDF form, the shift report consists of a cover page and the output of a report. In Customizing for this class, you can then enter the desired report with variant that is to be executed when the shift report is created

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