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An object in SAP Deposits Management for Banking, Suite Edition that flags a future turnover (can be either a debit or credit) in an account. This can be, for example, an amount set aside for a withdrawal from an ATM or a POS, or an amount set aside for an incoming direct debit from the single euro payments area (SEPA) that is not yet due.


A prenote is not a payment item; you create a prenote before you create the payment item. You can create prenotes both for credit and debit postings.

You can create, change, display, or delete prenotes either in the dialog mode or by using the relevant Business Application Programming Interface.

For more information, see Prenote Creation, Prenote Editing, Prenote Display, and Prenote Deletion.

When there is a payment item posting, the system uses the prenote number to find the related prenote and set its status to Assigned. For more information, see Prenote Assignment.

If a prenote is not assigned to a payment item, you can delete it. Once the residence time of the prenote has expired, you can archive the prenote.

Prenotes affect neither the account balance nor the posting date-based and value date-based balance. However, you can flag a prenote as being relevant for the available amount calculation.

The following is an overview of prenote processing as described above:


Prenote Types

Prenote types are a means of grouping prenotes. You use prenote types to define the processing criteria for prenotes. You can, for example, define that prenotes belonging to a particular prenote type are to affect the available balance or that the payment item amount is to be checked against the prenote amount. For more information, see Checks below.

Tolerance Limits

You can define tolerance limits that the system is to consider when it assigns prenotes to payment items. For more information, see Prenote Assignment.


The prenote has the following attributes:

  • Account Identification

  • Prenote Type

  • Prenote Reference Number

  • Status

  • Valid-From Date

  • Valid-To Date

  • Medium

  • Payment Recipient

  • Amount in Prenote Currency

  • Amount in Account Currency

  • Short Description

  • Long Description

  • Creation Date and User

  • Change Date and User

  • Release Date and User


The system runs a series of formal checks for prenotes when you create, change, or delete them. In addition, the system runs material checks during the creation process. You can define these and your own checks in Customizing. For more information, see Formal and Material Checks for Prenotes.

Authorization Checks

The system runs the authorization checks for the payment item when you create, change, display, or delete prenotes. The prenote does not have its own authorization object. For more information about the authorization checks in the system, see Authorization Administration.

Customer Enhancements

You are provided with the following options for enhancement:

  • You can skip the checks for prenote assignment by using the Business Add-In Payment Item - Prenote Check (BADI_BKK_PAYMITEM_PRENOTE_CHK).

  • You can define your own checks for prenote creation, change, release, or deletion by using the Business Add-In Customer Checks for Prenote (BADI_BKK_PRENOTE_CUST_CHECK).

  • You can add your own fields to the prenote screens by using the Business Add-In Add Customer Fields to Prenote Screens (BADI_BKK_PRENOTE_DATA). These fields are displayed on the Customer Screen tab page. This BAdI provides methods to display, check, and save customer data.

For more information, see Customizing for Bank Customer Accounts (IS-B-BCA) under Start of the navigation path Account Management Next navigation stepMaintain Prenotes Next navigation stepBusiness Add-Ins (BAdIs) End of the navigation path.


Transaction Type Settings

If you select the Prenote Check checkbox in the required transaction types, the system checks the following when a payment transaction is created:

  • The prenote reference has been entered

  • There is a prenote with the same reference number that is active and valid on the posting date

  • The debit/credit sign of the payment item matches the debit/credit sign of the prenote

If you select the Payment Amount Checks checkbox in the Customizing activity Define Prenote Types, the system compares the prenote amount with the payment item amount and also considers any tolerance limits.

Product Settings

To allow the creation of prenotes for a particular account or product, you need to enable the prenote feature for the relevant product. The rest of the product attributes in the prenote feature enable you to define which columns or fields must be displayed in the Prenotes group box on the account screen.

Release Tool

You can specify that the creation, change, or deletion of prenotes is subject to the principle of multiple control. For more information, see Release Object – PRENOTE (Prenote).

Business Workplace

Once you have set up the release tool, and have created prenotes that need to be released, the system creates work items in the inbox of the assigned agent under Start of the navigation path SAP Menu Next navigation stepOffice Next navigation stepWorkplace End of the navigation path, or transaction SBWP.

From the Business Workplace, the agent can release, reject, change, or display the object. If an agent changes an object, the agent is no longer eligible to release the object. The prenote checks are once again triggered during the release process.

There is no mass release, which means that the agent cannot select multiple work items and release these in one step. The agent must release one work item at a time, thus ensuring individual control.


You can specify whether prenotes are archived or physically deleted from the database once a certain period of time has expired. For more information, see Prenote Archiving.

Account Closure

If an account still has active prenotes, you cannot close the account. This is because the account may be debited in the future and the account balance could still change. To close an account that has an active prenote, you need to delete the prenote. If you have specified a future date for account closure, you can continue creating prenotes until this closure date.

Transfer Postings

When you transfer post a payment item, the dialog contains a field for the prenote reference. The system transfers the prenote reference to the reversed item. During transfer posting (internal/external/from postprocessing), the system runs the prenote check if you have set up the transaction type in Customizing accordingly.

Transfer to Payment Transaction System

If an ordering party payment item is to be sent to the payment transaction system (PTS), you can specify whether a prenote is to be created automatically. Make this setting in Customizing for Bank Customer Accounts (IS-B-BCA), under Start of the navigation path Account Management Next navigation stepSEPA Next navigation stepDefine SEPA Properties for Ordering Party Transaction Types End of the navigation path. The prenote type is determined from your Customizing settings (choose Start of the navigation path Account Management Next navigation stepMaintain Prenotes Next navigation stepDefine Prenote Types End of the navigation pathDefine Prenote Types). If there are any errors found in the prenote creation by the payment order, the payment order is not created.

Other Features

You can also define prenote reference numbers for forward orders and planned items. The assignment is made when you post the payment item.

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