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 Displaying Material Master Records


Just as you can create or change a material master record immediately or schedule this, you can display a material master record as it currently is or as it will be at a key date.


If you display a material master record at a key date, the system reads all the change documents for the material master record from the current date through to the specified date, and uses them to simulate the situation at this date. However, it is not possible to display the following data at a key date. The system always displays the data as it currently is:

  • All types of long text (such as purchase order texts)

  • Document data

  • Manufacture of co-products

  • Average plant stock

  • Sales price conditions, customs tariff preferences, and export licenses

  • Assignment to configurable material and the configuration value assignment

  • QM inspection data

  • Production versions

  • Consumption values and forecast values

  • Classification data

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