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 Display of Task List and Packages for Key Date


The cycles (maintenance packages) currently in use are displayed in the master data of a strategy plan or on the tab pages for the maintenance items .

You can freely define the date for this display in the maintenance plan header. The display of task lists from a maintenance plan is likewise influenced by this.


Meaning of the key date:

Displaying the Maintenance Packages Valid for the Key Date

The system determines the respective status of the packages valid for this key date in the task list for the desired date. The valid packages are displayed on the tab page Maintenance Plan Cycles or Item Cycles.

Displaying the Task List

If you call up a task list from the maintenance item in display- or change mode, then the system displays the task list that is valid for the key date specified in the maintenance plan.




Change key date for maintenance packages and task list

  1. Call up the strategy plan

  1. Choose the tab page Maintenance Plan Additional Data, and enter the desired date in the Key Date field.

The system displays the packages valid for the key date on the tab pages Maintenance Plan Cycles and Item Cycles.

If necessary, the system calls up the task list that is valid for the specified key date.

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