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 Floor Plan Manager


The Floor Plan Manager (FPM) is a framework for developing self-service applications using Web Dynpro for Java.

The Floor Plan Manager insures that all self-service applications follow a consistent pattern or road map. The pattern itself was designed to make the applications easily recognizable, clearly structured and simple to use. As a result, once you have set up the self-service applications for your enterprise, there is no requirement for end-user training or documentation.

The section Self-Services User Interface Pattern provides a short overview of pattern-based programming and the self-service pattern as a general blueprint for all self-service applications.

The section Elements of a Self-Service Application describes the Floor Plan Manager and its utility components. It explains how the central event loop of self-service applications works, and how the Floor Plan Manager drives the application by navigating between different perspectives and reacting to events raised by user actions. This section also outlines details about the application interfaces and the methods they impose on the application components.

The section Developing a Self-Service Application describes the use of the Floor Plan Manager in the development of a self-service application.

The section Support for Complex System Landscapes explains how to implement multiple-backend support in a self-service application.

The self-service applications delivered by SAP are standalone programs. The utility components of the Floor Plan Manager assemble self-service menus that serve as a central starting point for the end user.

Target Audience

The intended readers for this document are

  • Support Personnel

  • Technical Consultants

  • Developers


The Self-Service Administrator must be knowledgeable regarding programming with Web Dynpro for Java, the programming paradigm of Web Dynpro, and should be familiar with Web Dynpro components and models.


This documentation provides no instructions as to how to set up the development environment. It does not explain how the program sources are organized, managed, or deployed to the server. Furthermore, it does not outline regarding what development components or software components are, or how to obtain them for developing an application.

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