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 Execution Control


Execution control enables you to control the execution of tasks in the following:

  • Predefined zones of a site, preventing resource bottlenecks and ensures the workability of the semi system-guided mode of task selection

  • Predefined nodes of a site, preventing resources from executing tasks that involve taking handling units to nodes with insufficient capacity


You have defined Execution Control Objects (ECOs) in Customizing for Start of the navigation path Logistics Execution Next navigation stepTask & Resource Management Next navigation stepControl Data Next navigation stepExecution Control, and have enabled the ECOs using the TRM monitor. End of the navigation path


The system determines whether or not an ECO is available by comparing the number of constraint objects (tasks, resources or handling units) subscribed to the ECO with the ECO’s allowed capacity.

After a resource selects the system-guided option using its presentation device, Task Management obtains a list of all tasks that the resource is capable of doing and eliminates those tasks that are subscribed to unavailable ECOs.

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