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 Generating SOCSO Borang 2 Reports


In this procedure, you are led through the steps to generate the SOCSO Borang 2 report for joiners.


From the SAP menu , select Start of the navigation path Human Resources Next navigation step Payroll Next navigation step Asia/Pacific Next navigation step Malaysia Next navigation step Subs. activities Next navigation step Per payroll period Next navigation step Legal reporting Next navigation step SOCSO Next navigation step Borang 2 (Joiner). End of the navigation path

The Borang 2 entry screen appears.

Besides the standard selection section of the entry screen, the following additional parameters need to be addressed:

  1. Employer's Ref no.

  2. This report can only be run for one employer reference number for the personnnel number range entered in the standard selection section above.

  3. The Date of Joining Between… denotes the selected period for reporting.

  4. Name is the name of the person to be referred to by the EPF Board if required. The default is derived from the Administrators table (T526).

  5. The Customer Layout button is used to associate a user-defined layout for the SAPScript report.

  6. Execute .


  • A SOCSO Borang 2 report is printed for each Employer Reference Number.

  • A SOCSO Borang 2 report is printed for every employee based on the Employer Reference Number.

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