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 P_ORGIN (HR: Master Data)


Authorization object that is used during the authorization check for HR infotypes. The check takes place when HR infotypes are edited or read.


P_ORGIN contains the following fields, which are tested during an authorization check:

Authorization Field

Long Text






Authorization Level


Personnel Area


Employee Group


Employee Subgroup


Organizational Key

More Information About the Fields

  • The AUTHC field contains the access mode for the authorization (for example, R = Read). See AUTHC (Authorization Level) for a detailed description of the different authorization levels possible ( M , R , S , E , D , W , * ).

  • The VDSK1 field is used in several authorization objects and is therefore described in detail in VDSK1 (Organizational Key) .

  • The PERSA , PERSG , PERSK, and VDSK1 fields are filled from the Organizational Assignment infotype (0001). Since this infotype has time-dependent specifications, an authorization may only exist for certain time intervals depending on the user’s authorization.

Note Note

The time dependency of infotypes is stored in table T582A ( Infotypes – Customer-Specific Settings ) in the VALDT field.

End of the note.

A user’s period of responsibility is represented by all the time intervals for which he or she has P_ORGIN authorizations.

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