How to Develop POWER Lists

A main issue of the POWER List concept is the possibility to modify existing POWER Lists or to create own ones in an easy to handle way. Therefore a standardized interface (feeder interface) is provided, where all properties of a POWER List can be specified at a central place.

Function List

The following functions are provided:

  • Description of the technical concept behind POWER Lists
  • POWER List Implementation: Creating a new POWER List, Maintenance of the feeder class methods, Register a POWER List and make it visible, Create a query for a POWER List, Test a POWER List via SAP menu, Connecting a POWER List to a role, POWER List cache and user-defined queries
  • Detailed description of the feeder interface methods

Additional features for EhP4:

  • For enhancement package 4, new features for POWER Lists have been developed. These are:
    • the Dynamic Selection Criteria
    • Visible Columns available to application at runtime, and
    • the Remote API Enablement of POWL.

    See the How-to Guides in the lower right text box.

Key Points

  • The user understands the technical concept behind POWER Lists.
  • The user can create own POWER Lists or modify existing ones.

Overview Presentation
How-to Guide
Additional Documentation for EhP4
Dynamic variables in POWL
Visible fields in POWL
Remote POWL