Industry-Specific Information

Engineering, Construction, and Operations

Companies in the EC&O industry face growing challenges: increasingly complex projects; regional and organizational fragmentation; customers who are more demanding and sophisticated.

SAP for Engineering, Construction and Operations enables EC&O companies to increase project profitability, manage operational risk and maximize resource productivity. SAP provides applications that span the entire project and facility life cycle, from planning and design to project management to operations. Our solutions improve efficiency through increased visibility, communication and collaboration.

To unleash the full power of the SAP for EC&O industry solution, SAP Best Practices for EC&O has been developed, to help you reap business benefits quickly and reduce your risk. SAP Best Practices for EC&O includes a preconfigured set of business scenarios to help you rapidly realize business benefits with less effort.

SAP for EC&O is the optimal starting point for your SAP project. SAP Best Practices' main focus is to make all configuration settings for these business scenarios readily available for evaluation and implementation. In addition, the solution based on SAP Best Practices can be extended with additional configuration, enabling the user to fully exploit all benefits that SAP for EC&O offers.

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