SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward 4.1

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SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward provides a single environment to discover, assess, define, monitor, and improve the quality of your enterprise data assets.

What’s New – Release Notes

What’s New

Information about what is new and what has changed since the last release

Release Notes

Restrictions, known issues, update considerations, and fixed issues in this release

Deployment, Installation, Upgrade

Master Guide

An overview of the Data Services and Information Steward applications and architecture as well as scenarios for planning and designing your system landscape

Installation Guide for UNIX

Installation procedures for Information Steward on a UNIX environment

Installation Guide for Windows

Installation procedures for Information Steward on a Windows environment

Upgrade Guide

Detailed information, options, and procedures for upgrading from a previous release

Security Information

Security Guide

For security and user management information, see the Information Steward Administrator Guide

System Administration and Configuration

Administrator Guide

Information about how to configure the modules of Information Steward and about system administrator activities required to keep your system running securely and smoothly

Development Information

Integrator Guide

Information for third-party developers to access Information Steward Metapedia functionality using web services

End-User Information

User Guide

Information about how to use SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward to accomplish your business tasks

Additional Information, including Forums

Product Availability Matrix

Information about SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward supported software and hardware platforms

To go directly to Information Steward, enter "Information Steward" in the search field.

E-Learning and Webcasts

SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward 4.0 online learning material

SAP Community Network

Find a wide range of technical and business guidance about SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward in the Data Integration and Quality Management Forum

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