Building Block: Capable-to-Match

The building block Capable-to-Match Planning (CTM) provides the configuration you need to set up an advanced supply chain management function in SAP APO. CTM enables you to conduct multilevel supply planning by matching existing demand with available supplies. CTM is an order-based planning method. The result is a feasible supply plan to complement the unconstrained demand plan.

Function List

This building block comprises the following Capable-to-Match functions:

  • Demand priority definition
  • Supply category definition
  • Rules-based Capable-to-Match
  • CTM run
  • Supply distribution
  • Analysis of CTM planning result

Key Points

  • Rules-based planning. A rules-based method with extensive prioritization capabilities allows planning production resources across different sites while taking existing resource loads into account
  • Traceable planning. CTM is an order-based planning method that uses pegging to track orders down to the individual demand level.
  • Constraint-based planning. CTM considers production resources as global and finite, it uses constraint-based heuristics to conduct cross-plant checks of production capacities and transportation capabilities based on predefined supply categories and demand priorities.
  • Performance optimized planning. CTM considers many constraints, generates an optimized planning result with a good performance.

Technical Documentation
Configuration Guide