SAP for Banking

SAP is the market leader for Financial Accounting, ERP and CRM solutions.

Building on over 30 years of delivering real standard software and managing technology renewal cycles in over 20 industries SAP is putting increasing efforts and resources into building SAP for Banking as the global leader for banking specific standard software.

Only SAP has the depth of technology and business vision, the breadth of bank-specific business applications, the proven services and support capability and the business content to partner tier 1 and 2 banks through key institutional challenges. These challenges include demands for higher profitability, deconstruction of traditional value chains and industrialization, new demands of customers, increasing regulatory environment, and intense cost and flexibility pressures regarding their IT infrastructures.

SAP supports back to growth with Total Value of Ownership through reducing the cost of running the institution, thus freeing up capacity to change it. This is achieved by providing the business content rich SOA platform.

The SAP guarantee is that it will still be there the day after tomorrow.

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