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Expression Positions in Release 7.0, EhP2

1. Using functions and expressions

2. Method chainings

3. Predefined functions with multiple arguments


The program DEMO_EXPRESSIONS shows examples of the enhanced expressions in Release 7.0, EhP2

Modification 1

Using functions and calculation expressions

The usability of functions and expressions in operand positions has been enhanced considerably in Release 7.0, EhP2:

From Release 7.0, EhP2, the following general expression positions are available:

Before Release 7.0, EhP2, operand positions on the right of the statement COMPUTE were the only general expression positions.


The character-like arguments of description functions are, with one exception, character-like expression positions as of EhP1. Before EhP1, they were functional operand positions.

Modification 2

Method chainings

As well as the previous chained names, operand positions that accept functional methods now also accept method chainings, that is, chained method calls and chained attributes accesses.

Modification 3

Predefined functions with multiple arguments

Release 7.0, EhP2 introduces new predefined functions that can now accept multiple arguments. A predefined function of this type is called in the same way as a functional method with multiple input parameters.

... func( p1 = arg1 p2 = arg2 ... ) ...

The new functions are: