Short Reference


PARAMETERS {para[(len)]}|{para [LENGTH len]}


Declaration of a para parameter of length len. Parameters are components of a selection screen that are assigned a global elementary data object in the ABAP program and an input field on the selection screen.

The name of the para parameter may contain a maximum of eight characters. This statement is permitted in the global declaration part of executable programs, function groups and module pools. In function groups and module pools it is only permitted within the definition of a independent selection screen. In executable programs, it is otherwise automatically assigned to the standard selection screen.

The length len can only be specified if the data type specified in type_options is generic regarding the length (c, n, p, and x). The length len must be specified as a numeric literal or as a numeric constant within the corresponding interval ranges. If len is not specified, the length is set to 1 for a generic data type, or else it is set to the length of the data type. As of Release 6.10, it is possible to specify the length using the LENGTH addition.

In detail, the PARAMETERS statement has the following effect: