Loading Transaction Data


The transaction data contains all the information that the user wants to report on. It also contains all relevant information about confirmations, invoices, and suppliers that are necessary to perform an offline Supplier Evaluation in SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI).


  • You have installed Business Content for Supplier Evaluation.

  • You have assigned a source system ID to every source system in the Data Warehousing Workbench under   Tools   Assign source system to source system ID.  

  • You have loaded the master data.

  • You have defined the Customizing for Supplier Evaluation to be able to load the administrative DataStore Objects.


  1. Perform a delta initialization for your transaction data from the OLTP systems into the DataStore Objects. The following figure illustrates where the upload of transaction data into DataStore object is situated within the whole Supplier Evaluation process. The table below describes the data flow.

    This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

    Application Component

    Info Source




    Updates document headers from SAP ERP in 0SRPO_D1


    Updates document items from SAP ERP in 0SRPO_D1


    Updates document schedule lines from SAP ERP in 0SRPO_D1



    Updates documents and items from SAP SRM in 0SRIV_D3



    Updates documents and items from SAP SRM in 0SRPO_D1


    Updates documents and items from SAP SRM in 0SRIV_D3


    Updates documents and items from SAP SRM in 0SRCF_D2

  2. Update the transaction data from the DataStore Objects all the way into InfoCube 0SR_C01 and to the administrative DataStore Objects for Supplier Evaluation (see figure below).

    The administrative DataStore Objects are designed as follows:

    • 0SRVE_O3: Administrative Supplier Evaluation for documents (on item level)

    • 0SRVE_O4: Administrative Supplier Evaluation for suppliers (by product category or by product, depending on the level of detail of questionnaire determination Customizing)

  3. For each supplier or document that has been loaded into the DataStore Objects for transactional document data, the administrative DataStore Objects hold information about which questionnaires have to be filled in, by which role, and who is responsible for the evaluation. It also carries information on whether this evaluation is obligatory or optional.

  4. The update rules of the administrative DataStore Objects determine this information by reading the questionnaire determination Customizing. If you want to override the standard questionnaire determination, you can change the update rules.

    Note Note

    • In this process, special Customizing counts more than general Customizing – an entry for product 100 of product category 4711 is preferred to an entry for all products of category 4711. See also the examples in Defining Questionnaire Determination.

    • If you created equal Customizing entries for different roles (for example, to allow different roles to evaluate a document or a supplier from differing points of view), the update rules store the record in the administrative DataStore Objects several times, once for each role.

    • The administrative DataStore Objects are also updated with evaluations that have been performed in SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM). This ensures you cannot only monitor the evaluation process in SAP NetWeaver BI, but also in SAP SRM. The standard BI Content, though, has several queries for monitoring.

    End of the note.

    This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

  5. Use the delta method for loading transactional data after a successful delta initialization.