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To ensure all necessary components of Installation and Configuration are complete


Smoke Test for Successful Deployment of  SAP xCQM Seed Data



       1.      Verify that the SAP xCQM seed data has been correctly deployed.

                            a.      Choose: http://<xCQM_Server>:<Port>/webdynpro/dispatcher/

                            b.      Choose Start With CAF Source.


This process may take a few moments

                            c.      Choose the option Process Relations

                            d.      Choose    xapps.cqm    QDataSourceMdAS    QDataSourceMdDO    findByName.


If nothing appears after expanding QDataSourceMdAS, ensure you have it selected and it is highlighted.

                            e.      Enter * for name and choose Execute query. When the results are returned, choose each of the objects in the result set and ensure that the fields in the object are not empty.


Verify that the CQM page configurations are correct:

                            a.      Choose http://<xCQM_Server>:<Port>/webdynpro/dispatcher/

                            b.      Choose any of the page configurations from the drop-down and choose Preview.

                            c.      Ensure that each of the links work

Smoke Test for SAP xCQM Business Package Upload


       1.      Verify that six SAP xCQM roles are listed:

                            a.      Log on to the portal as administrator

                            b.      Choose User Administration Roles

                            c.      Search for all roles prefixed with*. This should return six roles.


 Ensure you search for Roles and not Groups or Users.

       2.      Verify that the system object is created.

                            a.      Log on to the portal as administrator.

                            b.      Choose System Administration System Configuration System Landscape Portal Content Content Provided by SAP Content for Specialists.

                            c.      System object must be created manually.


Refer to SAP Help Portal: People Integration Portal Administration Guide System Administration System Configuration System Landscape

Smoke Test for Successful Deployment of Portal Archives


       1.      When all files have been deployed, all *.par files from the deployment directory are renamed to *.bak.

       2.      After configuration is complete, ensure the CAF Security Manager is listed under System Administration System Configuration Knowledge Management Configuration Content Management Repository Managers Security Manager.



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