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You use this business process to create and maintain activities. You can also transfer activity data between CRM and your groupware system, that is, Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes, enabling you to display and maintain the activity in both systems. You can document the activity by filling out the standard fields, and by filling out activity journals or questionnaires.

Process Flow

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The following business process runs in SAP CRM:


       1.      Schedule activity

You schedule an activity by checking your calendar for a free time slot. If you want to schedule a business activity with a colleague or business partner, you also check their calendar.

       2.      Create activity

Once you have found an appropriate time slot, you create an activity in the CRM system. You also enter other data, such as location and time of activity. For business activities, you enter the names of the business partners involved, and their partner functions, for example, activity partner, contact person or owner. In order that the business activity appears in the relevant business partners’ groupware calendar, they must exist in the CRM system and the corresponding groupware system. In addition, you can enter the purpose and priority of the activity.

       3.      Replicate activity with groupware

The data is exchanged with groupware: the activity data is transferred to your groupware server, either Microsoft Exchange Server or Lotus Domino Server. As a result, the activity appears in all attendees’ calendars. Alternatively, if you create or modify an activity in groupware, the data is transferred back to the CRM system and the activity appears in your CRM calendar. This is, however, not the focus of this business process.


In order that the business activity appears in the relevant business partners’ groupware calendar, they must exist in the CRM system and the corresponding groupware system. In order to integrate groupware with CRM Activity Management, you first need to download all business partners from the CRM system into groupware systems, for example, in a public folder such as the groupware address book. For further information on how to download business partners, see the SAP Library documentation under Customer Relationship Management  Data Exchange and Mobile Technology  CRM Middleware  Groupware Integration Set-Up and Load Guide  Groupware Integration Configuration Activities  Loading Business Partners to Groupware.

       4.      Document activity

You document the activity in the CRM system. You can do so by filling out the standard fields during activity processing. You can also insert a longer text related to the activity, such as a letter, note, or, in the case of business activities, business partner information.

You can also use activity journals and questionnaires to document your business activities. For example, if you work in the Pharmaceuticals industry, you can use activity journals to record information regarding products, for example, which products have been sent out as samples to which customers, and how many, how products are placed in a supermarket, what was discussed with the customer at the last meeting, and so on.

You can also use questionnaires, for example, to guide your sales employees through a telephone call with a customer, or to gather customer feedback on whether your customers are satisfied with your level of service or with a particular product.

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